Nikki Gamble

Girl Boss

Nikki Gamble
Girl Boss

The gift giving season is here! This is the time of year when we all shop 'til we drop in search of the perfect gifts for family and friends. My feelings this holiday season have been different from past seasons. I watched a woman make history by being the first Democratic Predidential Candidate. With over 40 years of experience, she still had to fight hard to prove herself. I then felt the emotions of her loss. I was not disappointed in her. I was disappointed to see that in at the highest levels, a qualified and tenured woman can lose to an under qualified man.  The outcome of this election has inspired me to to be proactive! To support other women just as fiercely as I support(ed) Hilary Clinton. 

This year I chose to showcase products and businesses I love. ALL founded by women! Not only is it important to support women, it is also valuable to our communities to champion small businesses!  Remember, purchasing from small businesses like these, is an investment in someones dream!

From clothing to home decor to cosmetics, I've got you covered! I've linked some of my favorite Girl Boss businesses for your holiday purchasing pleasure! Keep you credit cards handy *wink wink*




"Made In" is a socially conscious brand made to encourage pride in your hometown and/or heritage. Ethiopian born founder Nadia Sash is passionate about giving back by providing practical goods to achieve sustainable and profitable growth. In turn, a percentage of your purchase supports Nadia's mission to link orphans and vulnerable children to educational resources to help them thrive. Now THIS is fashion with a purpose! Made in tees, are great gifts for any man, woman, child or baby on your shopping list! "You get a tee! You get a tee! You get a tee! EVERYBODY GETS A TEE!"




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Cleanse by Lauren Napier is a high performance makeup remover wipe designed for function. Each wipe come individually packaged, is packed with pure ingredients, manufactured with solar energy and made in the U.S.A! Female founder Lauren Napier's goal is "to make women feel just as confident while taking your makeup off as you do while putting it on." 

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Jewelry & Accessories



Keep in mind that the holiday season is not the only time that you can support these women! Online shopping is available year round! Let's all continue to build a FEMPIRE and make HERSTORY!