Summer Glow

Summer Glow

By now some of you may be thinking enough with the swimsuits already! I say, It's summer! What else am I supposed to wear?! Lucky for you this post isn't about swimwear! It's about keeping that sun kissed skin glow. So I took it all off!

Au Naturale  tee courtesy of  Luxington Boutique

Au Naturale tee courtesy of Luxington Boutique

That's right! I took all of my make-up off and went au naturale for the camera so that I can share with you how I keep my summer glow! First and foremost, I don't sleep in my make-up. That is a huge NO-NO. Drinking water and eating good foods are also helpful on your journey to the glow. Often times though, we need a little more help. Here are a few products that I use to jump start and maintain radiant skin!

Enjoy your summer glow! Xx, Nikki