It’s Friday. The end of the work week. It’s supposed to be the day that all of the weeks work gets wrapped up and placed to the side. Before I quit my career in retail management, I never looked at the weekend as a time to relax. In retail Friday means GO! It’s the busiest time of the week and typically doesn’t slow down until the doors close on Sunday. My Fridays have changed significantly since I decided to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams of being an influencer. Now, my Fridays are actually Fridays! Upon becoming an influencer, I had no off button. Everyday was a work day and I quickly became overwhelmed by the constant need to create content and stay visible. Once I made the conscious decision to take the weekends off, it changed my life and my perspective.

Not working on the weekends forced me to remember to do things that bring me joy! Something that I really enjoy doing on the weekend is finding new places around the city that are cool and unique. I loved partnering with Ann Taylor for this post because on a Friday I was easily able to transition my meeting workwear into my weekend casual wear. Now that it’s sweater weather, I am able easily pair a great work pant with a cozy sweater or fur vest and transition it effortlessly into my weekend wherevers. Ann Taylor is the perfect place to find polished pieces for the changing weather and ever-changing plans.

Being outdoors is crucial to my creativity and peace of mind. This is the best month of the year to enjoy the outdoors. Temperatures are cool and the colors on the trees are picturesque. There is nothing that inspires and relaxes me more than nature…. and an amazing outfit! This is what weekends in autumn are made for!

Being conscious of slowing down on the weekends and taking the time to appreciate the world around me is something that I still work on everyday. Isn’t crazy to think that we have to try to relax? But we must. Its vitally important to our physical and emotional health. This weekend I encourage you to take some time to enjoy it! Find a cute coffee shop, have brunch with family, take a long walk or a long bubble bath. Whatever you do, do something that you love!




*This post is sponsored by Ann Taylor