If you can believe it, there are only a few days left in 2018! This year has been SO FULL of firsts. It was my first 7 months as a full-time blogger/influencer and entrepreneur, my fist time creating an invoice, my first time negotiating partnerships, my first time traveling alone, my first time attending NYFW, and so much more. This has been the busiest and most accomplished year of my life. When I look back on the day I quit my job in May, I left scared but determined to never go back. I’ve grown so much as a woman and I know that if I continue to work hard, I will never have to go back to a job that I hate.

“Don’t focus on getting a dream job- focus on building a dream life” -unknown


I’ve never been a New Year’s “resolutiner”, if that’s a word, but this year I think it’s necessary! I hopped into the blogosphere expecting success but not realizing how quickly it would come and how busy I would be. This is no complaint and I know now that planning ahead is key! New Year’s resolution #1…… GET ORGANIZED! Time management, email organization, planner, calendar, and cultivating a dedicated office space that keeps a clear mind for me to work. Speaking of mental clarity, NYR #2…… mental, emotional, and physical health. I know it’s so cliche at the beginning of the year to say “I’m going to work out everyday” and that’s exactly why I’m not saying it. Also because Im not going to work out everyday! What I am going to do is make my health a priority. Adding or keeping things/people that serve my mental, emotional and physical health and eliminating the ones that don’t. Simple as that. As entrepreneurs we take on the weight of the world. We typically run a one person show and we are truly never off. I’m making this year a year of self-care! Who’s with me? NYR #3 Travel often! For Christmas this year, my husband gave me , hands down, the best gift I’ve received over the 15 years we’ve spent together. This summer we taking *Oprah voice * a family trip to KENYA!! I’m not sure if it’s in the love language book but travel is one of my love languages! It truly makes me happy and that is what I want 2019 to be all about!

“What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year.” ~Vera McLellan

I don’t hold a crystal ball but I do know that 2019 is already looking amazing! Thank you all for joining me on this journey. I already have two events in the works and I will be taking you all along on my 2019 wellness journey! Happy New Year everyone! Leave me some positive vibes in the comments!