Nikki GambleComment


Nikki GambleComment


Another year. Another Valentines Day. I have to keep it real and say that this is a "holiday" that I don't really celebrate. I love that other people celebrate by doing fun and romantic things with their partner, but I don't like chocolate or stuffed animals.I do however, love beautiful flowers, food and gifts (gifts are my love language) but I like those gifts everyday of the year. Just ask my husband *winks*! This year I decided to keep it super low key and basically "be my own valentine"! Why not? Self care is highly important to me and there's no one better to care of me than me. I am the person who knows exactly what I want. 

As I said, I love to eat and shop. It's makes for a perfect day for me. So thats exactly what I did! I have been on the prowl for a cute pink bag, so I splurged and got the cutest one from Fossil and then promptly headed to Local Foods for the BEST taco salad! Have you been?



I also really love a good spa day. I have been frequenting the same place for a few years to get my facials and massages but I decided to walk right across the street to Milk + Honey and I'm so glad I did! All I can say is WOW! I received the best facial I've ever had! If you've never been you are defiantly missing out on a very zen experience. They are also open EVERYDAY UNTIL 9PM! That's unheard of and super convenient. You can head over right after work with no rush. The staff is amazing! I will absolutely be treating myself here again. Regularly! 

As much as I could talk about myself being my own valentine, I am married (for 9 years in April) and I defiantly plan to have a date night! My dress was the perfect dress to get me from a GDO to date night! Slip off that moto jacket and a shoe swap (depending on weather) and VIOLA! Issa date night lewk!

Gosh, sometimes it feels good to just take care of YOU! Don't you agree?! Now, go out, get a pink bag, have a taco salad at Local Foods &  book an appointment with Milk + Honey! Ha! I'm kidding but not. My point is go out and do the things that feed your spirit! Do something for yourself that makes you feel alive! Treat yo'self this Valentine's Day and any other day! 

Xx, Nikki