For "over" 21

For "over" 21

I'M 36! I've been really hesitant to share my age via my social media platforms until now. I've been afraid that I'm too old for an industry dominated by exceptionally tech savvy teen and twenty somethings. I thought that certain brands may not want to work with me because I'm "too old" and can't speak to their demographic. I am in the business of creating content to inspire people not only to be creative but to shop! Upon a closer look at my following via Instagram, Facebook and right here on my blog, I realized that you guys and gals are ALL ages, which is heart warming to me! The support from everyone is what aids in maintaining a youthful spirit! 


As I continued to think about maintaining my youthful spirit I naturally thought of the store Forever21! A brand that has maintained the ability to provide the hottest trends and the best prices. I actually had someone ask me why I still shop there! I hoped it wasn't another ridiculous rhetorical questions because this time I had an answer! In my humble opinion, it's not about being 21 years old as much as it's about how you feel on the inside! This was an epiphany for me and then I decided to write this post and show you how to shop at Forever 21 when you're not 21! My entire outfit pictured is from F21 as well as many others that you may have seen in previous posts! Here are three things to remember when shopping at F21, when you're not 21 orphan you are and just need a guide!

1. SIZE Forget what the tag says and go for the fit that flatters! The way the clothes fit is more important than what's on the tag!  Because the products are mass produced, you typically only get a choice of 3 sizes, S, M or L. Wear the clothes. Don't let the clothes wear YOU!

2. SILHOUETTE/ SHAPE Not only is it important to be honest and comfortable with your own shape, it's equally as important to stick to a silhouette that enhances the qualities you like best! Forever 21 is always on trend so you will have a number of options to choose from. Find your fave and stick to that! For example, body con dresses are very on trend however, they are usually too short, too tight, and accentuate all of the parts I'd prefer not to. I almost always stick to a high waist skirt, pant and/or shorts and a dress that cinches (or snatches) my waist. If you're like me and like to hide the tummy area, look for a-line silhouettes.

3. LENGTH Let's keep it real. It's no secret that F21 has a target demographic and short shorts and skirts speak directly yo them. More power to ya!  What I do know from almost 20 years of styling experience, is the length of a garment can take you from "oh yaaass" to "oh no" in one centimeter. I know sometimes we think "if I just don't bend over I'll be fine". Ladies, If we can see what you see in the mirror when you're in your undies, leave it at the store. Please know I come from a kind place when I say that.

I know that there are usually not many things (if anything) at F21 over $50, but I am a believer that with the right size, shape and length, you can make a $20 outfit look like a thousand dollar ensemble! 

Who's headed to F21 now?! Here area few pieces to get you started! I always shop true to size however, when I'm not sure I always size up!