Nikki Gamble


Nikki Gamble

I can't help but to sing DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince "Summertime". It is the quintessential song for the summer! And speaking of summer essentials if you haven't already gotten yours, now is the time! It's swimsuit season! If you're like me then you have a swimsuit for EVERY occasion! The mom swimsuit. The girls day out swimsuit. The I'm going to be with other families (and other husbands) swimsuit. The it's just me and my boo swimsuit. And my personal fave, the I'm feeling myself swimsuit! Too much?? Maybe you're the kind of woman who finds ONE perfect swimsuit and you rock that for the entire season! Either way, I want you to be prepared for any and every sunny occasion! Here is a curated guide to summer featuring some of my top swimsuit picks and a few other summer essentials to pair with them! Happy Summer!





BOO'D UP....


But before we are all gussied up and ready for the pool, we can't forget about taking care of our skin in the extreme heat! I am a self professed sun goddess! I wear sunblock (sometimes) but I also have a regimen to make secure self preservation! Here are a few of the products I use!

1. Origins "Gloomaway Souffle" I use this pre sun for light hydration and a light smell that's not too overwhelming but still noticeable and fresh!

2. Kiehl's "Creme de Corps" is a staple in my bathroom. I use this post sun to restore hydration and vitality. I swear by this for elasticity of the skin. I used this when I was pregnant both times. It relieved the belly itch and I believe it aided in the prevention of stretch marks.

3. Kiehl's "Ultra Facial Cleanser" takes away every bit of make-up off of my face! I use it every night before bed to make sure my skin in clean!

4. Herbivore Botanicals "Jasmine Body Oil" Is absolute heaven the day after you've sunned! It gives your skin a smell and a soft glow like no other! I actually have it on in the image below!

5. "Flaunt" by Lauren Napier is a must have to throw in your beach bag or by your bed side! Too exhausted from being in the sun to wash your face? Pull out one of these individually packaged wipes to cleanse your face! It's also a great way to cool down while poolside!

6. Origins "Original Skin" Moisturizer is a life saver. I have super oily skin and being in the sun doesn't help. This moisturizer hydrates without being greasy and leaves a matte finish.

You are now prepped for the summer! Enjoy it and stay safe! Xx