If you’ve been keeping up with my insta stories and/ or Instagram then you may already know who these ladies are. The four of us have had an epic past two months together. Most recently, we took on Dallas with a fun partnership with Toyota and now we’ve just returned from a hugely successful trip to NYFW. What’s really amazing is that we’ve been able to “secure the bag” together and some of us have only known each other since June! So many times I hear and see women, specifically women of color, struggling to get along and find a place where they feel like they belong. In the past I have been the woman that struggled finding my people. After college, when life got real, I lost all of my “friends”. I got married with no friends. No bridal party. No bachelorette party. I had two babies with no friends and experienced some very low lows with no support from girlfriends. I went a long time convincing myself that I could make it perfectly fine alone. And then God strategically placed 3 ladies in my life at 3 different times for three different reasons. I once had a co-worker tell me, “you’ll find friends when you’re older”. I always thought it was too late for me to find good friends. I’m in my mid thirties, the eldest of the group, but I have learned so so much from my squad and I wanted you to learn a little about them!

From left to right Shay. Meghan. Brandy. Nikki

From left to right Shay. Meghan. Brandy. Nikki

SHAY! @shaymone I have to put an exclamation point behind her name because she is the exclamation point! The boss, the mom, the manager and the momager! I met shay in on May 17 of this year at a Reward Style event in Austin. We connected immediately! We had spoken briefly via Facebook a couple times and we were the only women of color at the event. I was immediately in awe of her because she had JUST given birth! As in the baby was four weeks old. She was out in the heat to make sure that she made connections, she wasn’t shy, and she was down to take tons of pictures. When we got back to Houston and she scheduled a meet up where I got to know her a bit more and became even more impressed. She holds a Masters degree, is the GM of a large retailer, AND the mother of 3 children. ALL. UNDER. FOUR. #mindblown Then just as we pay for our food at our meet up Shay’s photographer/ husband (sweenshots) pulls up to shoot us! Now you see why I call her the momager! She sends us lists and schedules, morning wake up texts and reminders to take care of business! I’ve learned so much about organization and I am now taking energy supplements to keep up with my favorite boss lady! SHAYMONE.COM

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MEGHAN. @imgoodlikemeghan The quiet storm. Don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you! A heart of gold but don’t ____ with her, as we all saw when we were actually robbed on the streets of NYC. *true story* I met Meghan at Create & Cultivate last summer 2017. At the time she lived in Austin but was planning her move to Houston. She approached me at the event and introduced herself. We exchanged follows on Instagram and that was that. Fast forward to this years meet up in June with Shay! Meghan was actually a part of our meet up! The rest is history! I referred to Meghan as the quiet storm because between me, Shay and Brandy, she is the quiet one however her creative thought process is undeniable. The way she silently produces beautiful and well thought out content is admirable! STYLEFORBREAKFAST.COM


BRANDY. @authentically.b or as I call her, B! We’ve known each other the longest. I meet B through blogging and attending events around Houston. Our relationship changed from aquaintinces to friends after we held an event together last summer at a local boutique. Since then we’ve always met up for 5 hour lunches, bounced ideas off of each other, and just talked about any and everything! I call her my spirit animal because I respect her adaptability to anything or situation. She is solution oriented, honest, and will call you out all while smiling with those beautiful pearly whites! Also, she’s just fun! AUTHENTICALLYB.COM


I’ve always thought of blogging as a place where I can be creative, make business contacts, meet a few people, and attend some cool events. I never thought that blogging would bring me life long friends. The four of us took this trip together, shared contacts, sent out each others press kits, cc & bcc’d each other on emails, and hyped each other up on each and every win or loss! Be sure you are surrounding yourself with people who want to see you win and support you while you’re in the process.

“ Be around the light bringers, the magic makers, the game shakers. They challenge you, break you open, uplift and expand you. They don’t let you play small with your life. These heartbeats are your people. These people are your tribe”…. -unknown

PHOTOS BY Ahmad Sweeny