If you would have told me a year ago that I would be one of 100 influencers to be featured in Reward Style’s inaugural book, I would have believed you. For years I tried to figure out what my passion was but when I finally found it 2 years ago, I knew this was it. I attended an event 2 years ago and the speaker said “ That thing that people ask you about all the time because they admire you for it, that’s it!” I knew that people always asked me about my clothes, where I got them and how I put them together. That brief yet powerful statement is what ignited the fire that made me create a website and launch NEWTEXACALI.

I chose to follow my heart and I’m so glad that I did. Being featured in “Stories From The Influencer Next Door” is my one of the biggest accomplishments in my career as an Influencer thus far (more to come). To be featured in a book along side of people I look up to like Mary Lawless Lee of @Happilygrey and Melanie of @Hautehijab is humbling, exciting, and impressive. I actually impressed myself which is hard to do because I am my best and worst critic. I actually told Margaret Anne from Reward Style during a meeting that “I don’t have Beyonce money but I have Beyonce expectations!”™ In that moment I realized why I have achieved so much in the past year. Beyonce didn’t become Beyonce by being average and staying safe. She took chances, followed (s) her intuition, and she turned her passion into her career.

I hope to empower other girls and women to reach beyond the stars and think outside of the box. Take life by the horns even if it doesn’t sound conventional! To quote my biggest blogger/ influencer inspiration Kyrzayda Rodriguez, “If there is something you want to do, don’t wait! Do it now!……”

Here are my top tips for becoming an influencer

  1. BE YOURSELF. You may have heard this before but it is so important in this growing industry. There are hundreds and thousands of bloggers and only one you. You stand out by being yourself.

  2. INVEST IN YOUR BRAND. Investments are not always monetary. Time, planning and studying are also an investment. Know the business. Get to know your peers. Become familiar with brands. Stay astute on the trends. These are all investments into your brand. You will have to spend money but knowledge is power!

  3. TAKE QUALITY IMAGES. This is kind of a big deal. Personally, I use a photographer 95% of the time. That doesn’t mean you have to however, if you want to work with large brands they may require it. They are also better to use for your website. Actually it is a big deal, I would suggest hiring a professional or using a professional camera.

  4. DON’T PUT ALL OF YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET. We all use social media as a platform to advertise for our brand. Be aware that you have zero control over the decisions these platforms make. It’s always best to place the majority of your content on your website. You own it and the people who enjoy your content will have a place to go.

  5. BE KIND. Like any other business, relationships count. Being kind always goes a long way. Whether it’s with a brand, a fellow influencer or someone who follows you, be kind. You never know who’s watching!


Thank you Reward Style for including me in such an epic experience! It’s a dream come true!

To read the rest of my story, get your copy “STORIES FROM THE INFLUENCER NEXT DOOR” here!

I’m on page 50!