I had an amazing event this past weekend with my fellow members of Influencing in Color! We got to meet so many women who are aspiring to be successful bloggers. It always feels extremely rewarding to me to know that I have helped another woman reach a goal! Little do some of them know, the conversations we have help me reach my goals too! After the event ended, an attendee pulled me to the side to ask me a few more questions in depth. During our conversation, she said, “I’m an old blogger!” I never assume the age of a woman, so I respectfully asked her how old she is. She told me that she is 38. Many of you may say that 38 is not old. However, when you scroll through so many bloggers on the gram celebrating their 27, 28, 29 & 30th birthday, it can be a swift reminder of the age demographic that dominates this industry. What does this have to do with me? I’ll explain! In May I will be celebrating my 37th birthday. I have struggled over the last year or two with sharing my age publicly. I’ve wondered; Will it stop brands from wanting to work with me? Do I look 37? Am I too old for this industry? These are all questions that I’ve asked myself at least a few times a week. I didn’t begin this journey until I was 34. There’s no bachelorette party, wedding, I’m pregnant, I got a puppy, gender reveal, I bought my first home images and stories to tell. I’ve already done all of that before Instagram was Instagram! When I do have those moments of age insecurity, I remind myself that EVERYONE has a season to bloom and there is no age limit on your dreams!

Partnering with a brand like Ann Taylor for this post also reminds me that there are brands that accept every woman! Ann Taylor values connecting with others, making smart choices, looking and feeling great! Living life fully means women choose to play all their roles with confidence and style. And the great outfits too!

To all of the ladies in the 35 and up crew, cheers to you! Keep going! It’s never too late!

Xx, Nikki