The wait is over! I’m finally taking a moment to talk about my hair! First let me explain why it took me so long to formulate a dedicated blog post. From as far back as my memory reaches, I can recall my hair always being a focus of attention. The attention usually came from people admiring my hair but in-between those compliments came accusations of my hair being fake, other black women saying “you think you’re white” or “are you mixed”, and white women asking “why is your hair different?'“ After experiencing this so much in the past and recently taking the time to ask myself why I haven’t shared the very thing y’all have repeatedly asked for, I realized I may have slight PTSD and that it’s time to move forward! With that being said, here’s my routine!

I wash my hair once a week. For African-American womenI understand that this seems excessive because we need to keep moisture in our hair, not get rid of it. However, I have an extremely oily scalp and after about 3 or 4 days, the oil is visible (to me) at the root. I am also really keen on the smell of my hair so the moment I smell anything other than shampoo, I’m ready to wash!

I linked two products that are staples for me! I recently used a brand called PROSE and I am finding that I really like their products too!

I don’t use a lot of product. As I mentioned above, my scalp get really oily really fast, because of this I limit the amount of product and where I apply it to my hair. The product that I use to straighten my hair are tried and true! I’ve deviated before and always go back to these! After I wash and condition, I section my hair into 3 sections. I apply Paul Mitchell leave-in conditioner and them comb each section out with a paddle brush. This conditioner is light enough not to weigh down my strands but moisturizing enough to keep my hair healthy. I then use the Gold n Hot hair dryer with comb attachment to dry each section and the I apply the Paul Mitchell skinny serum! Love this stuff because its weightless but still adds shine! I finish up with the Paul Mitchell flat iron. I use this flat iron because it has temperature control and it heats up to 400 degrees.

I like to keep my hair styles simple There is something about the “bedhead” tousled look that I love! Maybe it’s because it’s effortless and that’s what I love! I make styling super easy. I use the Conair curling iron. *FUN FACT* Before purchasing a replacement Conair curling iron about a year ago, I had my previous one for at least 10 years! I’m so attached to it that I haven’t thrown it away and it doesn’t even work! Attachment issues much?! Obviously, I would highly recommend it! I recently received a Whril T3 wand and I can’t wait to use it! After curling my hair, I usually spray a little Ouai spray for smell and shine and VIOLA! It’s a lewk!