anything delivered

If you know a few things about me then you know that I live for the sun, which means I’m always on the go, and food is one of my love languages! Since I am on the go so much, I am sometimes unable to get the meal I want. That’s why I downloaded my new favorite app! Favor! Favor is an app I use to have anything delivered!



With The Favor app I am able to get all of my “favor”ite food delivered to me! I’m always talking about my most favorite matcha that I drink almost daily! Guess what?! I can have it delivered to me and if you want to try it, Favor can deliver it to you too! If your lunch break is too short, or you just don’t feel like driving, just download the app and you’ll receive your order in under an hour! I mentioned that with Favor you can have anything delivered and its true! One of my most favorite perks of FAVOR is the beer and wine delivery via H-E-B! Cheers to that!


If you thought I was finished amazing you with the features of this app, think again! Remember ANYTHING DELIVERED! Forgot your lipstick? Spilled the red wine you ordered on that cute dress? Favor has got you covered! You can order your lipstick from your faves like Target & Walmart and Favor will deliver it to you! Need a breezy dress, cute cups, bowls, snacks and champs for an impromptu girls day out……….


Girls day out complete! With unlimited free deliveries for the first month, you can have ANYTHING DELIVERED! Download the Favor app here!