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Ralph Lauren

Nikki GambleComment
Ralph Lauren

Little known fact about me is that I had the pleasure of working for the major fashion giant Ralph Lauren for 7 years! In that 7 year span I met my husband, got married and had my first baby! Needless to say, this brand holds a special place in my heart. In my RL tenure, I learned about sophisticated understated style, investment pieces, craftsmanship and how to make one great piece carry your wardrobe! One of the major keys to a complete wardrobe is a great pair of jeans! Denim that is functional to wear several different ways, that fits amazing, and the quality has to be unmatched! I wear so many different hats in my day to day life that my clothing has to be versatile.


I’m a girl on the go! I travel often for work so an outfit that I can take comfortably from the plane to a meeting is goals! My RL “Avery” boyfriend jean gave me just that! soft and roomy enough to provide a pleasant ride for a 3 1/2 hour flight and they are sophisticated and fashionable enough to walk into my meetings!

The Avery Boyfriend Jean gives a nod to the season's vibrant color palette, Ralph Lauren’s signature slim boyfriend jeans are updated with multicolored "Polo" ribbon at each side. Crafted from right-hand twill, this style is heavily stone-washed for a well-worn feel. 

I also love my Avery jeans for down time! I can casually take them to a coffee shop with sneakers or for a peaceful walk in the park! Ralph Lauren denim is timeless and can be work almost anywhere for anything!

Hello, World!

One of the things I love about Ralph Lauren as a brand is their commitment to classic style while still allowing space for the modern woman, like me and you! Don’t forget to check out more or my favorite pieces from RL below or head to!

Denim is more than just a pair of jeans. It’s your story — so wear it well.


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