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Nikki Gamble1 Comment

If you've read my bio, then you know that functional fashion is my thing! I define "functional fashion" as clothing that completely fits into your life in every way!  That's why thredUp and I make the perfect duo! ThredUp provides an easy way to shop and sell high-quality second hand clothing! Simply put, they "think second hand first"! You are able to shop brands that you love at a fraction of the retail price! ThredUp receives THOUSANDS  of like-new arrivals every day so finding something you love is never an issue!  Since being founded in 2009, thredUp is the world's largest marketplace to buy and sell women's and kids clothing. 

I was recently asked to take the StyleUp Challenge! My challenge was to take a button-down shirt from the Summer heat to the Fall streets! Although, here in Houston we don't really have a "Fall" season, a challenge that involves clothing and shopping is one I can't turn down! Challenge accepted! 

As I mentioned before thredUp has thousands of new arrivals daily, so there was no lack of choices for button downs! I settled on a neutral print Rag & Bone button down


At the retail price this shirt could cost me up to $300! Wowsa! I know, but that's why I'm here with thredUp!  I actually got this designer shirt for $89! That's 70% off of the retail price AND it was brand new! Tags still attached! Can you say SCORE?! 

Living in Texas, a button down typically doesn't get much use during the summer but remember, this is a challenge! I love the print and colors on this shirt so much that I found a quick and inventive way to wear it in the Summer heat!

Yes! Those images all show a super fun and crafty way to "repurpose" your shirt! Here's how;

  1. Completely unbutton your shirt while not wearing it.
  2. With the tag of the shirt on your back, bring the buttons together around the bust and under the arms.
  3. Button the shirt from the most comfortable button around the bust to the bottom of the shirt.
  4. When the shirt is secured and comfortably buttoned around the bust, bring each sleeve to the front and tie in the desired position! 
  5. Tuck the shirt into you skirt, shorts, or pants. You can also leave the shirt un-tucked for a relaxed look!

VIOLA!  You now have a perfect and unique summer look that you can wear from brunch to the beach! Since I saved almost $200 off of my top, I decided to complete my look with a great skirt! I love the brand Madewell because it's so simple to incorporate the styles and colors into my wardrobe. After a quick search of Madewell product on thredUp, I found my cute skirt that paired seamlessly with my top and so many other things that I already have in my closet! My skirt would typically sell for about $90. I snagged it for $14! In addition to a great value, thredUp has such a rigorous quality control inspection, my skirt was like new!  

Even though I live in Texas and it takes a bit longer for the cooler weather to reach us, preparation is key! I pulled out the same button down and used it as a perfect fall transitional piece!


Ease and comfort are my middle names! I love a look that keeps it chic with no fuss! Throwing on a great fitting pair of jeans and a jacket with a little jeuge can turn a basic button down into a #lotd! In my opinion, less is more! Thanks to thredUp my less is more theory was confirmed again when I found this JBrand denim and black jacket. JBrand is a denim brand that is known for having a great fit and staying on top of the denim trends. If I were shopping retail, this denim jacket would cost me approximately $230! I got mine from thredUp for $35! That's right! I ended up saving over 80% off! In addition to saving so much, I now have a forever quality go-to jacket in my closet that I will be able to pair with so many different things! It worked effortlessly with denim, a shoe I already owned and my button down from thredUp to make a fetching intro to fall look that can be worn to anything from family day in the park to GNO! 

Challenge complete! But when you're shopping with ThredUp nothing is really a challenge! It's a one stop shop for you to StyleUp and SaveUp!  You can also LiveUp! Simply order a "clean out" bag & refresh your wardrobe! Fill it up with like new women's and or kids clothing and earn cash or credit!  

I enjoyed taking the thredUp Style challenge and incorporating the StyleUp, SaveUp, LiveUp mantra into my own life!! Comment and let me know how you will take the challenge! Shop thredUp here!